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Elimination LP

Elimination LP

Label: Heavy Artillery Recordings

Release date: 2015-07-20

Catalog number: HAR358

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> Warrior
Igor Graphite
> Funky Heroes
Igor Graphite & 7th Quote
> Iniquity (feat. Mag Mag)
Igor Graphite
> Rampage
Igor Graphite
> Close Your Eyes
Igor Graphite & Polmax
> The Jackal
Igor Graphite
> Filthy Souls (feat. Mag Mag)
Igor Graphite
> Drop It
Igor Graphite & Ekzoid
> Elimination (feat. AK Sediki)
Igor Graphite
> Take It Back
Igor Graphite & Ekzoid


Igor Graphite – Elimination LP
Deep, robotic, hard as nails Dubstep and Drumstep is alive and well! At the forefront is an army of underground talent pushing the boundaries, and taking no prisoners. Igor Graphite has been battering the airwaves with his signature deadly beats and a long list of killer releases on a multitude of respected labels including Rottun, Uplink Audio, Ultragore, Abducted and many, many others! Igor is back with “Elimination”, a 10 track epic display of heavy Dubstep and Drumstep beats that are deeply cinematic and futuristic. Features and co labs include Ekzoid, Mag Mag, 7th Quote, Polmax and AK Sediki. 10 titanium bangers who’s basslines bark like a pack of renegade androids, this is heavyweight bass business from the front lines where the real warriors thrive!

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