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Symphonic Distribution’s
“Hardest Working Label”

Symphonic Distribution’s
“Label Of The Year”

Symphonic Distribution’s
“Hardest Working Label”

Heavy Artillery Recordings is a Los Angeles electronic dance music record label founded in 2006 by Faust and Shortee aka Urban Assault. The duo have been a pioneering powerhouse in both the global EDM and Turntablism scenes for almost 2 decades and their dedication and experience has helped make Heavy Artillery one of most respected labels in modern multi-genre electronic music.

Named Symphonic Distribution’s “Label Of The Year” and “Hardest Working Label”, Heavy Artillery’s catalog consists of well over 200+ releases which include 8 BEATPORT #1’s and countless releases ranking in the TOP 5 spanning across various genres. In addition to topping the charts, Heavy Artillery has also licensed music to numerous television, film, music and media outlets including Ministry Of Sound, So You Think You Can Dance, the award winning film “Raw The Movie” and the major motion picture “Elysium” hitting theaters August 2013.

With a staggering list of over 200 artists, Heavy Artillery has built a reputation for breaking amazing new talent. Heavy Artillery’s roster includes top notch artists such as Captain Panic!, Slogun & iOh, Arkasia, Mitis, Figure, Calvertron, Safra, 23, Rekoil, Candyland, Secret Panda Society, Habstrakt, Fetoo, Mantis, The Damn Bell Doors, Volatile Psycle, Playma, Zardonic, xKore and many, many more.